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Outdoor LED services Outdoor led screen dubai An outdoor LED screen Dubai, also known as an outdoor LED display or

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indoor led screen services Indoor led screen in dubai indoor LED screen in Dubai is a modern and versatile display

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custom led screen services LED Display Dubai  LED Display Dubai requires the creation of LED screens that are customized to the

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LED screen repair and fitting - volkanoo


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LED display supplier in UAE

Volkanoo is a dedicated High-Quality Digital screen supplier in  Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman also provides installation services include. Volkanoo provides a range of digital screen services, including indoor LED displays, outdoor LED displays, LED rentals, and custom LED solutions. Their main focus is on supplying these services to their clients, ensuring that they have access to high-quality digital screens for their various needs. Volkanoo provides various options to cater to the specific needs of its clients, whether it is for indoor or outdoor events and whether the use is short-term or long-term.

Their custom LED solutions also allow clients to tailor their screens to their specific needs and preferences Durable and high-quality materials are used to produce digital screens, this type of Digital screen is Durable and high-quality materials are used to produce. Our LED Display products are widely used for entertainment, exhibitions, sports events, communication, advertising, media, television, etc. We supply high-quality and durable indoor-outdoor HD LED panels that bring ultra-visual performance.

Easy Installation and
After-Sales Service

Volkanoo LED products are light weight and environmental friendly. We assure our products are rain-proof, dust-proof, moisture-proof and corrosion resistant. The LED light sensors automatically adapt LED screen brightness according to the surroundings and thus save energy. We provide professional Installation service for our products and after sales support at less cost.


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  • 2ft * 1 ft outdoor LED modular panel have high reliability and wide application
  • IP68 Level and No AC required in Outdoor environment
  • OR Ultra: A high-technology outdoor rental display product, that enhances the visual performance of a stage
  • High transparency LED screen delivers the creative visual effect
  • Outdoor 1m* 1m front service LED display with cable-free backside
  • Premium 4K LED display creates head-turning visual impact.

How We Work

Work Process


We help our clients to discover the opportunities that are lying in front of them. We discover the possibilities that can be done.


We define that possibilities and make a clear plan to go. We work with passion and help clients achieve goals.


Designing is one of the major aspect in the process. We design unique and impressive layouts, logos and other supporting materials.


After the designing process is complete, we start developing the project as per the plan. We work hard and stick to the plan.


Project is deployed after the development is done. We do rigorous testing and fix the bugs that comes in our way.


After all the process is complete and testing is done, we deliver the project and take reviews. Client satisfaction is our goal.


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